Group of Friends Going on Excursion

What We Do

Committed to Making a Difference

Lighthouse Community Centre seeks to provide benefit primarily to the youth through various activities including training, mentoring, workshops, team building and employment, whilst meeting the needs of the most socially deprived in our community.
We are a group of people, many of whom have been in youth work in Liskeard for over 20 years working for and alongside the local churches, this includes youth clubs, trips, events, camping, workshops and a school lunchtime club.  Lighthouse Community Centre is a new venture which we hope will eventually be available to the local youth 6 days a week.
We want to develop Lighthouse Community Centre into a lively and vibrant place which is easily accessible to the young people where they can learn new skills, grow, receive support, build confidence, have fun, feel socially included and provide them with greater future prospects.