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10 outdoor activities for youth

Now the weather is starting to improve why not ditch the gaming and head outdoors for some good old fun, you'll be surprised at how good it will make you feel.

Here's just a few ideas for you:

* Fly a kite - learn how to do it properly and you'll love it, you could even have some competitions!

* Frisbee - fun for all the family and friends

* Football - even the girls can enjoy this game!

* Make a fire - we've seen them struggle on the t.v, give it a go yourself and feel really proud when you've achieved it

* Build a camp - get your hands dirty and feel the excitement when it's all done, could you sleep in it too?!?!

* Make a tree house - awesome fun, take the time to design it properly and to your budget (you may need some help)

* Cycling - good for fitness and great fun, we have so many places we can cycle, home, Lanhydrock, Cardinham, Camel Trail

* Hiking - grab some friends and head to the woods or the moors, you'll be surprised how good this is

* Walking - who said walking was boring?! It's such fun and with so many places to choose from who could complain

* Head to the beach on the train - we live next to the train line to Looe, what a great way to spend the day with friends

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